About Us

behind the scenes at AFDV Marketing

How it all Began

This marketing agency was founded by two friends and old colleagues of a bigger agency. The goal was to provide a better service specialized in digital marketing.

Just as we parted ways with our former employer, we also went on our own paths.
One went for more education and experience while the other decided to remain under the radar.

AFDV Marketing was left with a few sunk costs including a domain and email address. All potential ready to be tapped into.

Taking the matter in his own hands, Alioune opted for continued online education over traditional post-graduate schooling while simmering some growth plans for AFDV. 

AFDV Marketing remained dormant for lack of time and resources and sure enough was reborn. 

AFDV is in the business of em businesses with their digital ventures

Meet the Founder: Alioune Faye

All-For-Digital-Ventures (AFDV)

I feel like I was a dormant creative problem solver and entrepreneur all my life. I was just playing behind computer screens thinking everybody did the same. Little did I know that I too, can make a mark that cannot be erased.

I’m a British Colombia Institute of Technology (BCIT) alumni that graduated from the School of Business in Marketing Management with an Entrepreneurship focus. 

My Mechanical Engineering background from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln lead me to deepen my curiosity for anything technology. 

My experience with Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE, now ENACTUS) allowed me to bridge the gap between the technical and business worlds. All in all, I’m a well rounded, experienced consultant eager to solve your business problems.

I believe in the power of entrepreneurship and am passionate about growing businesses hence “All-For-Digital-Ventures”.

Why Marketing?

Simple. Any product or service needs to be known, otherwise, what’s the point?

Why Digital?

Simple. Who uses yellow pages?

Please, let the trees breathe.

Welcome to AFDV Marketing! We are the marketing extension of your business.


We stop at nothing

We Love To Explore​

We Take It Step-By-Step

We Keep It Simple

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together

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