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All-For-Digital-Ventures (AFDV) is a friendly digital agency based in Canada. We pride ourselves in creating marketing solutions that empower businesses and upturn results.
Found in every corner of our organization are noble team members with a ravenous passion for design and technology.
We collaborate with brands to deliver developments with impactful user experiences as well as business solutions with ongoing optimization of lasting efficacy.  


"I feel like I was a dormant creative problem solver and entrepreneur all my life. I was just sitting behind computer screens thinking someone else would actually DO it. Little did I know that that "someone" would remain imaginary unless I stand up and race to make it a reality."

Alioune Faye

Founder, CEO
All-For-Digital-Ventures (AFDV)

Faye is a British Colombia Institute of Technology (BCIT) alumni who graduated from the School of Business in Marketing Management with an Entrepreneurship focus.
His Mechanical Engineering background from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln lead him to deepen his curiosity for anything technology.
Thanks to his various work, educational and voluntary experiences, Faye is able to bridge the gap between the technical and business worlds.
He also believes in the power of entrepreneurship, and he is passionate about empowering people and businesses.


"First impressions are the most lasting ones, and the first interaction a person has with a brand, a business or even an individual, is visual."

Joanel Charicauth

Front End Development
All-For-Digital-Ventures (AFDV)

Charicauth started his career as a Freelancer Graphic Designer in 2016. His interest in web design led him to pursue studies at MyDigitalSchool in Rennes, France, to gain web development skills and understand the limits imposed by the development tools available. After his education and some years of practice, he codes independently while assisting his fellow developer teammates. Charicauth knows firsthand, the visual needs of a target audience.

His goal has been to create those impressions which are in line with the business’ values. For him, “less is more” thus, he always thinks of ways to simplify things and create a strong visual impact.

Devina Christiani

Graphic Design
All-For-Digital-Ventures (AFDV)

Christiani is a graphic designer from Jakarta based in Bali. 

She fell in love with this industry since she was in senior high school. 

Her goal in the graphic design industry is to inspire people with long lasting impression and to always create, simple, modern, and timeless designs.

"Marketing strategies are calculated steps, and just like every calculated step, they are better off executed by field experts who want to assist you. AFDV wants to help!"

Fred Oluchukwu

All-For-Digital-Ventures (AFDV)

Oluchukwu is a professional Copywriter with over five years of experience. He has to himself a chain of certification ranging from a university degree to other professional honours . The hallmark of his craft has been to reach, retain, and engage target-demographic with well-curated content.

 Amongst other qualities, He notably has a grasp of the English language to thank for his successful years of practice. This has allowed him to polish contents into satisfying different lexical, formal, informal, and even literary standards.

Social Responsibility

We Believe In Giving Back.

On top of empowering our clients, we also empower our team with new skills, but we don’t just stop there. We contribute to the development of the local and global communities we live in as well. AFDV is determined in making a lasting impact on the lives of the needy and those unfortunate lacking the necessary tools to grow and lead a successful life. In the near future, AFDV will be launching an online academy in remote areas to empower communities through technology. In the meantime, 10% of our revenue goes to charity.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

When you win, we win.

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