About Us

We're gifted individuals looking to put our talents to good use.

Simply put, we want to positively impact the world we live in and assist those doing the same.

Who Are We

We are a team of designers, developers, marketers and project managers.

This means we can work in any industry with clients looking to go or thrive in the digital.

Our Mission

To empower the communities we live in and the customers we serve. 

When working with AFDV, you are working with a team committed to bettering the world we live in.

What We Do

Our Process



We always start off with a consultation to discover the solutions you bring to the world and what your short and long term goals are. 

This is gives us the opportunity to determine if we can assist, refer or offer recommendations to meet your needs.



We then hash out specific goals and targets for the venture. We set out key performance metrics to measure our success and agree on the terms of the project.



Instead of diving head first into the solution, we work – as a team – to design rough drafts, prototypes and test items. Depending on the project, this may require your approval to continue moving forward. 



Once our designs and direction is approved by you, we proceed to developing your solution. 

Our team of experts will build, test and fine tune the deliverable until all requirements are met.

We then ask for your blessing to go to the next step.



We go ahead and publish the deliverable and monitor the outcome using our predefined KPI – key performance indicators.



Once all testes and KPI have checked out – we are ready to present to you the fruit of our work and will cheer you on to making your impact in your respective businesses.

If this was a one time project, we say our goodbyes or we can also stick around for some time depending on your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Pick an agency that is after YOUR growth, not theirs.

We work out of love and passion for what we do. This has translated into high quality work that we are proud to showcase and certify with “Made with  🥰 by AFDV Marketing”

You’ll know what it means when you see it.


We don’t just produce and run away. We stand by what we deliver and are available to offer support should you be stuck or need assistance. Ask us about our customized maintenance plans made for those that want to keep us as an extension of their business.

We wouldn’t be here offering our gifts to the world if we didn’t have or produce any results. 

What you measure , you can manage and that is why we take metrics seriously and make data driven decisions. Numbers don’t lie.

Our team of experts are diverse by design – we basically are the Avengers of Digital Marketing – every superhero that makes it through our rigorous application process has a certification and proof of work…of amazing work. 

Would you like to start a project with us?

Let’s make this world a better place, shall we?