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AFDV is passionate about helping young businesses grow by providing consistent and powerful designs that stimulate the marketing of startups. Our expertise also extends to established businesses looking to refresh and update their brands. When it comes to designs, creativity is our core. We are a design platform that empowers people and facilitates creation. We are also here to inspire new thinking in brands and help transform each fantasy into a business reality. We partner with you, your culture and your values as we allow everyone to express their unique ideas.

We help brands develop a unique identity.

We pride ourselves in our team of highly-experienced graphic designers and strategists with a passionate knack to offer you reliable, world-class quality logo and graphic designs, using the latest trends.
The AFDV design team is readily on-the-wait to meet all your graphics demand, such as custom photo banners that can be used on a website and for marketing materials.
Our approach is fully hands-on with stringent recourse to the latest enabling technologies for content creation. As we progress, we explore new styles and options and make recommendations on what we feel is the best selection for your brand, product and service.


Digitally take your brand beyond the horizon

Websites and mobile applications are more than a development; it is a potent digital tool than can be tailored to meet your business objectives. As proud partners of Cvent, you can trust us with your Android and iOS mobile event app development and support. Be it monetization, SEO or increased popularity, we research, engineer and strategically create responsive web designs with user-focused vantages skilled crafts. This we achieve in 6 steps:

Before anything else, we want to know your business goals, purpose and objectives. We keep track of your information while we provide possible insights and recommendations into the initiative. Along the course, we brainstorm into your customer needs and challenges and proffer lasting, digital solutions to them.

We do not dive into the power room yet; the plan continues as elite members of the team draw-up prototypes, sketches and outlines for your proposed website or application. Over here, we ascertain the pages of your website and decide on each added feature required to fulfill your business goals.

We go underway with your site layout and architecture by designing a mock-up of how the content and features we defined in scope definition will interrelate. Over here, we prioritize features and functionality as we ensure that every brick falls into the right spot.

Once the site structure is approved, we upload content to the individual pages, always having search engine optimization in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. This way, we are able to increase your authority and grip over an industry. 

We make sure everything works before signing off. Our team undertake quality assessment and test on the website. Where the need arises, we affect multiple revision and design modifications.

Time to break out the bubbly. Be sure to enjoy your project as we offer guaranteed technical assistance all through the ride.  

Digital Marketing

AFDV is here to assist you from Start to Finish.

It’s high time you took your business after a viral reach and increased popularity. At AFDV, it about taking your brands to places you think you can never reach. Our creed has been to constantly make rapid results as we implement strategic marketing initiatives derived through thorough research. Overall, we are after your conversion percentage; this is why we are align our path to meet your business goals as we decide on the tools, tactics and campaigns we use to achieve them. We employ a unified approach made up of diverse, dynamic pillars such as;

Our approach to search engine optimization is in calculative stages. At first, all you might be needing to see results may lie between few tweaks on your website structure and possibly a little more scrutiny on the site’s informative metadata and markup. At the early stages, we study and evaluate search rankings and organic traffic in-flow through series of website audits before deciding to align search engine algorithms with the backend of your website. This marks a strategic new turn geared at ensuring that the website communicates well with internet robots. Our milestone approach gives us a scientific edge that guaranteed increased traffic and ranking toward your targeted audience. 

Email marketing is far more than keeping tabs with customers, clients and business prospects. We ensure that every communication counts and that can only be done with the help of a viable email plan. AFDV team of expert markets draw-up a marketing strategy that defines bespoke content of your emails and decides when and how they are to be disseminated. “Audience” is also a pivotal focus of each marketing plan; with that in focus, we ensure fruitful returns in all contact and relationship with business clients and prospective customers.  

Undertaking a great social media campaign could be less tasking than you thought. It is much easier with a social media strategy that conveys your brand’s values and cultures to the target audience. The AFDV team curates persuasive as well as versatile social media content and implement them with a tactical posting schedule. Our social media approach has been to create a fun-filled, client-friendly experience that ensures engagement and conversion.

One of our valuable add-on initiatives is to PUSH product referrals and brand awareness onward with industry publications. The bounce-like strategy tactically implants your brand mention in relevant niche blogs and posts by social media influencers. We also raise brand awareness by utilizing other placement opportunities across the web. Subsequently, we employ various means to stimulate search engine interaction with implanted contents. The result becomes a rapid stamping of your brand’s awareness in the industry.

We strive to make our clients happy

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